Endodontics is branch of dentistry that treats diseases and injuries of te soft tissues inside a tooth through diagnosing pulp status accurately. The pulp contains vessels and nerves that provides the vitality of tooth and is located under the enamel and dentin layer.

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Endodontics is branch of dentistry that treats diseases and injuries of te soft tissues inside a tooth through diagnosing pulp status accurately. The pulp contains vessels and nerves that provides the vitality of tooth and is located under the enamel and dentin layer.

This part of dental crown is the pulpa chamber which extends to the end of the tooth root. When the pulp is inflamed, the nerves of tooth removed. Endodotics prevents and treats diseases of the dental pulp by removal the nerve and other tissues from the infected tooth and dental caries through the pulp cavity root canal therapy and pulp canal therapy, Then it is sterilized and filed with a suitable material.

Bacteria, and form acids that in sugars, refined starches, sucrose, not brushing at least two times in a day cause cavity or tooth decay in the tooth. After that brown or black stains occurs then tooth sensivity begins. A visible hole occurs with a sharp pain. Edodontics eliminates tooth extraction by treating irreversible dental caries.

The appearance of the teeth is also a important factor that emphasizes the attractiveness of people. If the appearance of one’s teeth and odor from tooth decay are not good the person does not feel comfortable while smiling and talking in the public. This sitution can also affect people psychologically negatively. Esthetic dentistry improves people’s appearance and contributes their self image. When determing the aesthetic design, some situation requring endocontics treatment should be taken into consideration. Today, interdisciplinary studies give very good results in the process of the treatment that endodontics and esthetics work together.

Dental aesthetics is associated with visual perception. The shape, contour, color of teeth, the symmetry, proportion and balance of the teeth with each other and the whole face are important in dental aesthetics. If people have an anomaly in their teeth and gums that causes an unhealthy appearance, they are consulted by endodontics with CBCT (cone beam computed tomography scan) Tooth was restrored by using nanofill material with layering technique with endodontic treatment which for getting an aesthetic image. If you are in pain while you are waiting the appointment to see your dentist you consider to take an anti inflamatuar drug which your dentist recommends, use a cold compress, apply a topical numbing agent or clove oil.

Root Canal Theraphy

When tooth decay deeply, cracks and fractures in the teeth, gum desease, deformation of the nerves and vessels in the tooth with wrong treatments requrires dental root canal therapy by replacing and cleaning the infected nerves in the teeth then filling them with a suitable material. If you have pain which is resolved by root canal theraphy. Root canal therephy is not as painful as many people think and fear. With a root canal theraphy performed after the nerves are removed and then tooth is not longer affected by heat and cold.

How is Root Canal Theraphy Made?

Local anesthesia is administered so that the patient does not feel pain while the dentist work on root canal theraphy. Tooth decay is cleaned with sterile and sensitive devices and if there is a broken piece, it is removed. The nerves and tissues in the tooth roo are cleaned and the root canal is shaped and filled with suitable filling material up to the tooth tip. Depending on the condition of the tooth, the root canal shaping is done in a single session or in several sessions. In rooth canal theraphy that do not end in one session, the inside of the root is filled with temporary filling by the dentist. Patients should consider not to eat or drink anything until the anesthetic effect wears off and they be careful that the temporary filling does not fall between the during the therapy. The temporary filling process is done in 30 minutes. A hole in the tooth is sealed with a temporary filling that prevents bacteria and food. The process includes some steps; the dentist use numbing agent for numbs the patient teeth gums, removes any decay using a drill. Then the filling agent is mixed, excees material is smoothe out and shaped the tooth by the dentist. This is excellent way to protect the tooth until the permanent filling that you wait. If you have a deep cavity you need a dental crown the dentist might also use a temporary cap until the crown is ready.

What to Do If Your Tooth Filling Falls Out?

You should pay attention some reasons that the fillings falling out. A new decay aroud the filling, chewing and biting hard food cause the filling to fall out. If your dental filling falls out you should call your dentist immadiately for an appointment. The filling should be replaced within a few days otherwise it magnifies the damage of the unprotected tooth. So you should not be late to see your dentist.

How to Prevent Tooth Filling From Coming Loose

Good oral hygeine and having dental check up that prevent a filling coming loose.You should brush your teeth at least twice a day, brush your tongue, flooss every day, replace your tooth brush every 3 or 4 months, see your dentist regularly which are very important for oral hygeine. Also you should be careful biting into hard foods such as crunchy foods nutshells, avoid grinding your teeth, avoid clenching yout teeth.

Finnaly, endodontics is the sicientific name of root canal theraphy that the dentist considers and applies appropriately when tooth decay occurs. The nerves and other tissues are not removed and cleaned well during the therapy, microorganisms enter the root canal that shows the rooth canal therapy is not made well. An unsuccesful root canal theraphy is understood when there is a pain in the tooth, swelling and redness around the root of the tooth. In this case, root canal therapy needs to be renewed.

The success rate of root canal theraphy is very high, almost %95 and it can be used for a long time by considering hygiene and using correctly.

Frenilum Dokusunun Yüksek Olması

Diş etine bağlanan ve frenilum olarak adlandırılan kas dokusunun yüksek olması halinde özellikle alt ön kısımda görülen bu durum, diş eti çekilmesi tedavisi ile kapanabilmektedir.

Diş Eti Çekilmelerinin Neden Olduğu Sorunlar

Estetik bozukluk: Diş etinin çekilmesi ile kök yüzeyinde ortaya çıkan görüntü, estetik açıdan kişiyi rahatsız etmektedir.

Dişlerde hassasiyet: Bazı nedenlerden dolayı yaşanan diş eti çekilmeleri diş hastalıkları gibi açığa çıkan kök yüzeylerinde hassasiyet meydana getirir. Sıcak-soğuk içecek ve yiyeceklerde, soğuk hava şartlarında ciddi oranda rahatsızlık verebilir. Ayrıca bu yüzeylerin doğru fırçalanamadığı durumlarda iltihap ve hatta kök yüzeylerinde çürüme meydana gelebilir.

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