Gum Treatment in Istanbul

The branch of dentistry that deals with the health of the gums and oral tissue surrounding the teeth
and jawbone is called periodontology.

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The branch of dentistry that deals with the health of the gums and oral tissue surrounding the teeth and jawbone is called periodontology.

Problems in the gums treated by periodontology; are mostly caused by genetic factors, excessive stress, drug use, pregnancy, hormonal changes, clenching-grinding, advanced diabetes, poorly made fillings, bridge prostheses.

Periodontal diseases that dentists encounter are very usual and frequently faced problems.

  • Infections or simply inflammations (causes swollen gums and redder than normal).
  • Tartar that occurred at the junction of the teeth and gums, (makes the gums begin to start to recede).
  • Displacement of the teeth, swaying, elongation and opening between the teeth (symptoms of the disease).

All the above-listed items are gum diseases that can be easily treated by a specialist dentist. Dental clinics in Istanbul, equipped with the latest technologies, are an important center for gingival treatments with superior dentists to improve all your oral and dental problems.

What is Gum Inflammation (Gingivitis)? How Is Gum Inflammation Treated?

It usually occurs when proper hygienic oral care is not performed. Gingivitis may occur due to traumas caused by the use of a hard toothbrush, wrong and harsh usage of dental floss and toothpick, dental caries, old fillings, poorly fitting prostheses, tumors, hormonal imbalances.
Healthy gums are usually tight and orange-peel form, and pale pink in color. In case of gingivitis, swelling, rounding of the gums, deterioration in tooth form, and gums color may change to purple-red. At the same time, intraoral bleeding and bad breath odor can be seen. If a timely and correct treatment is not applied, this problem begins to affect all the tissues that support the tooth. If the progress is not stopped, the jawbone may also be affected, and the problem of Periodontitis may be encountered.

In cases of a gingivitis problem is at the beginning level, the plaque layer at the tooth level is cleaned. If there is a deeper plaque formation, dental cleaning treatment is applied. To reduce gum inflammation, mouthwash and oral antibiotics may be prescribed when the treatment requires medicine. In cases, where the level of inflammation increases, it may be necessary to open and clean the gingiva with surgical intervention.

Gingivitis, which has a risk of loss and damage of the gum tissue, can not be treated only with medication. During the period of gingivitis treatment, these areas are treated with the patient’s own tissues. Attentional care is made to prevent the formation of a second wound. In cases where there is an aesthetic loss, a treatment plan is also made.

Causes of Toothache and Types of Pain;

Toothache that develops in or around the tooth can be of different intensity and may be caused by different reasons. Many factors such as cavities in the teeth, tooth fractures, crack formations, gum recession, damage or loosening of the fillings in the teeth can cause toothache. But sometimes, ulcers and traumas in the gums can also cause toothache. The dentist has to examine the patient to understand the underlying cause of toothache. The dentist performs a detailed examination, evaluates the diagnosis and starts the appropriate treatment.

Intense and throbbing toothaches are usually caused by deep tooth decay problems.
In inflammatory conditions such as an abscess it is obvious to be seen noticeable swelling on face. In such cases when the tooth is pressed on, the pain and hot-cold sensitivity increase. In this type of pain, the problem can be resolved by applying root canal treatment.

Toothache caused by erosion of tooth enamel due to gingival diseases, may develop hot-cold, sweet-sour sensitivity. In this situation the sensitivity can usually be resolved by applying a dental protector on the teeth.

Oral Aphthae And Its Treatment;

Known as a mouth sore in public is a kind of ulcer and named in medicine as aphthae. They are mostly acute painful aphthous ulcers that recur at irregular intervals and heal on by their own in two to three weeks’ time. They are usually seen alone but can also be seen in multiple regions at the same time. In some cases, as one heals, another occurs.

It is more common in women than men. Many factors such as stress and anxiety disorders, tobacco use, vitamin deficiencies such as folic acid, B12, iron and zinc, and periods of illness when the immune system is weak can cause aphtha formation.

Dentists may recommend therapeutic mouthwash. It may be beneficial to stay away from acidic, hot and caustic irritating foods and liquids, to quit smoking, and to have a regular and balanced diet.

Diş Eti Tedavisi | Klinik İstanbul

Gum Treatment Cost;

Gum treatment costs vary depending on the patient’s oral problems and treatment process. The important thing is to start the dental treatment with a dentist you can trust in. You should detail all your problems and obey all the directives of your dentist. This approach will reflect on you as a cost reduction in the long run since it will not cause to waste your dentist’s time and your money.

Health tourism, which has been very common in the world recently, is also popular in Istanbul. Being a megapolis, Istanbul is very attractive for tourists with its historical places, natural beauties and different alternatives in the entertainment sector. While you are on vacation, it will be very good for you being in Istanbul, both economically and spiritually, to have your mouth and dental problems treated.

Istanbul is calling you with excellent dental clinics and doctors for your oral and dental health, tooth and smile aesthetics. Please be aware, Health tourism in Istanbul is very professional and very economical.