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Laughing is the most important act of our social life. Disorders in the appearance of our teeth, which are visible when laughing or even laughing, become the most important factor that negatively affects our social life.

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Laughing is the most important act of our social life. Disorders in the appearance of our teeth, which are visible when laughing or even laughing, become the most important factor that negatively affects our social life. When we see people smiling with perfect teeth lined up like pearls, we find ourselves admiring that people and wishing to have perfect teeth. Perfect smiling significantly improves personal relationship and self-confidence, because it is believed that it increases success and happiness.

The crooked position of the teeth, the mismatched and large gaps between the teeth or the stains on the teeth negatively affect your smile. Veneers that are not made in same color with own’s teeth, dark fillings and gum disease problems impair both our oral and dental health. Plus, negatively affect your aesthetic appearance.

For this reason, dental aesthetic applications are very important in terms of contributing to the oral and mental health of the person. After a specialist examination, people who are not happy with the appearance of their teeth, can achieve the desired appearance with appropriate treatment method.

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Things to come to mind when we mentioned the dental aesthetics;
Improving gum health and get rid of the bad breath odor, cleaning of tartar and whitening of tooth enamel;

The bad odor in the breath is mostly caused by an infection in the mouth, advanced gum disease, tartars formed between the teeth and gums, or rotten teeth. First of all, the cause of bad breath odor should be diagnosed and treated accordingly.
If present, gum disease and rotten teeth are treated. Tartars are removed. Impacted and semi-impacted wisdom teeth are extracted.

Keep in mind that, Sometimes the cause of bad breath odor caused by sinus and lung infections, diabetes, kidney failure, liver failure, metabolism disorders. So, it is important for your oral health treatment, to tell your dentist about all your chronic or suspected potential diseases.
Tea, cigarettes, coffee or some other foods can cause staining on the teeth due to micro-cavities in the structure of the teeth. By the whitening process applied to the tooth surfaces, removes the staining that cause darkening of the teeth from the tooth surface.

The whitening application does not cause any harmful effect to the teeth. It is possible to whiten 2-3 tones according to age, structure and natural color. Teeth whitening process may take several sessions, due to how much staining is existing on teeth.

Correction of orthodontist disorders

Orthodontics examines the structure of the mouth, teeth, and head in order to correct the disorder of the tooth structures that are different and perplexed than the normal tooth structure should be. The crooked tooth structure in the teeth is corrected, and the person is provided to the desired teeth.

Tools Used in Orthodontic Treatment; transparent plaques, removable orthodontic appliances, fixed orthodontic appliances, and screw systems.

It is recommended to start the correction of crooked teeth as young ages as possible.

Lamina (leaf) porcelains, Full porcelain coatings, Aesthetic fillings

Lamina means leaf in Latin language. This technique is applied by grinding only the exterior surfaces of the teeth by 0.3-0.7 mm without cutting and changing the shape of teeth. It is targeted minimal lost of healthy tissue of tooth surface. The porcelain dental laminates are placed to the grinded surface by gluing.

Leaf porcelain application can be completed with a single session. By the help of digital camera, the tooth images transferred to computer environment in three-dimensional format.

The doctor and the patient decide the appearance of the new tooth together on the computer screen. Designed porcelain dental laminates are produced by scraping from special dental porcelain blocks. Without rehearsing for days and without sensitivity problems, this aesthetic dental solution ends in one day (may be two days).

Porcelain dental laminates do not contain any metal in their structure. Porcelain dental laminates are the material that suitable for the natural structure of the tooth. Moreover, it has the appearance of real teeth with its light-permeable structure.

If the patient has a malocclusion, the lower jaw is anterior or the teeth are overlapping, If the tooth does not have enough enamel tissue, If there is an advanced fluorosis (yellow and white spots on the teeth), If there are conditions such as advanced teeth clenching and grinding, Leaf porcelain application can not be suitable.

Full porcelain veneers, which have the closest appearance to natural teeth, have been used for years without any problems with their structural features. Although it costs more than other coatings, the result is excellent.

Aesthetic dental filling is used to restore broken and decaying teeth to their old form, it also gets rid of discoloration of the teeth.

Since the composite fillings and porcelain fillings are the same color and texture as teeth, they are invisible when viewed from the outside, so does not cause any aesthetic concern in the patient. Composite fillings are applied quickly and used for years.

Dental implant

A dental implant, which the human tissue perceives as a part of the body without trying to destroy it, made by titanium as an artificial tooth root. After the biological bonding process with the jawbone, they become a part of the body.

The dental implant ensures that the missing tooth is completed without any application to the neighboring healthy teeth in cases of single tooth deficiency. In multiple tooth deficiencies, full porcelain veneer is made using healthy tooth roots. Under local anesthesia, implants are placed in the jawbone with minor surgical intervention. The person can return to his daily routine immediately after the procedure.

It takes about three months to become a part of the jawbone for the implants. At the end of this process, the production of the dental veneer begins. The dentist and his patient design the shape and color of the porcelain tooth veneer together. This stage varies between 3 to 10 days depending on the design of the tooth and desired aesthetic appearance of patient

Dental Aesthetic Costs;

The cost of dental aesthetics varies according to process, the number of teeth to be applied, the wish list of the patient, the type and quality of the selected material. Whether there is a need for other dental treatments or not is also affects the cost.

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